Historical Markers from the 2021

Billy Daniels

Bro. Billy Daniels was called home to his Lord and Savior Saturday morning, July 25, 2020. He began his earthly life on September 26, 1938 in Grand Saline, Texas the son of Fred D. and Eula Mae (Smith) Daniels. Bro. Daniels was called in to the ministry at an early age, he began pastoring in 1964 until 2016. He attended the Texas Baptist Institute in Henderson, his pastorates include Liberty Missionary Baptist Church at Blodgett, Texas, Gum Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas, Lee Hi Missionary Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Johntown Missionary Baptist Church in Johntown, Texas, Walnut Street Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Texas and Bogata Missionary Baptist in Bogata, Texas. Bro. Daniels was very active and served in many different capacities of the American Baptist Association during his 55 years as a dedicated servant of the Lord. He served as a trustee of the Texarkana Baptist Children’s Home, and the Rivercrest ISD School Board, he held the position of Secretary/Treasurer of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas, and on two occasions was the Secretary/Treasurer of the North East Texas Missions Counsel. Bro. Daniels went on to receive his doctorate in Theology. He served as a Chaplin at McCuistion Hospital, Director of the youth camp, Lions Club, and Red River County CPS.

Location:Bogata Texas

Historical Markers from the 2000

George Crawford

Bro. George Crawford was born Nov. 6, 1924 in Hedley, Texas to W.S. and Lena Crawford. He was promoted to glory Jan. 17, 2000 at the age of 75 years. He married Mary Ellen (Edd) Crawford. They were married for 54 years. Bro. Crawford was a veteran of World War II. He was a graduate of Texas Baptist Institute, receiving a Doctorate of Theology. For over 30 years, he served as an instructor for TBI. His faithful ministry spanned over 57 years. During this time, he pastored seven churches: Gum Springs M.B.e., Henderson, TX; Pleasant Hill M.B.C., Overton, TX; First B.e., Arp, TX; Mt. Pleasant M.B.e., Denison, TX; Carthage M.B.e., Carthage, TX; Texas City M.B.C., Texas City, TX; and Longview M.B.e., Longview, TX where he pastored for 28 years until he retired in 1996. Longivew M.B.e. elected him as Pastor Emeritus after his retirement. Dr. Crawford was a great evangelistic preacher, and was invited to lead in many revival meetings during his ministry. He served as the moderator of the Mt. Zion Association several times, and also moderator of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas. He was elected to preach annual sermons for both the M.B.A. of Texas and the American Baptist Association. Bro. Crawford loved preachers and was a preachers friend. His ministry will live on through those who knew and loved him, and through the Dr. George B. Crawford Scholarship Fund, an ongoing fund to benefit students of T.B.I. His favorite slogan was: Stay by the Word of God, and the God of the Word will stay by you.

Location:Henderson Texas TBI campus

Historical Markers from the 1983

Vernon L. Barr

Vernon Lee Barr was born to John and Lydia Barr on November 18, 1906 in Jacksonville, Texas. At the age of three, while living in Madisonville, Texas he was afflicted with polio. From that time forward he would spend the rest of his life on crutches. After a rough life of 24 years, Vernon Barr, an avowed atheist, came to know Jesus as his saviour and Lord. This came about through the witnessing of his brother, Jim. Three days after his conversion he was compelled to preach. He began and never stopped until December 3rd, 1982, at the age of 76. His ministry was primarily in Texas, with the exception of pastoring eight years in Oklahoma. His preaching went out over radio stations while he pastored in Oklahoma and then later while pastoring in Dallas, Texas. His radio ministry began in Ardmore Oklahoma and continued in Texas over KSKY in Dallas and XEG in Del Rio. Early in his ministry he held his first debate with a Jesus Only movement preacher. For the next forty years Brother Barr held debates defending the faith once and for all delivered unto the saints. In October 1976 Brother Barr resigned a 32 year pastorate at the Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Even though he resigned the church pastorate, he remained a pastor to pastors. This pastor, as well as many others, found him to be a great encouragement, a man of wise counsel , and even more, a loving friend . He indeed was a pastors pastor. James Kirkland recently wrote, I was often impressed with Vernon Barrs energy, his fierce loyalty to the Word of God, his faith in the face of adversity, his power in the pulpit, his courtesy in debate with false teachers, his humor, his wisdom, his patience with young preachers, his impatience with duplicity, his love for sports, his high regard for the churches of Jesus Christ, his sensitivity to your hurts because he had hurt so much himself, his great love and respect for that lovely lady whom he called in a comfortably old-fashioned way MRS. BARR, his gentleness with children and his unqualified gratitude for the grace of God which had saved him and called him into Christs service. Nothing ever gripped me more, though, than his passion for the lost . No sooner had he led one to the Lord than his heart yearned to go after the next man, as he once put it. Brother Barr was indeed a doctrinally sound pastor as seen in the records of his debates and in the soundness of those whom he taught. Brother Barr was indeed a missionary pastor as seen in the many churches begun under his ministry in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and in the ministry of the A.B.A. Mexican Baptist Institute. Brother Barr was indeed a compassionate pastor as seen in his personal witnessing and in his fiery preaching. Brother Barr was a great defender, pastor, teacher, friend, and lover of souls. But he told this pastor a few months before his departure, Preacher, I hope my brethren remember me as an evangelist more than a debater. For you see, even his debating was evangelistic. His life, ministry, and burden for lost souls lives on in their challenge unto us all.

Location:Henderson Texas TBI Campus

Historical Markers from the 1972

Allen John Kirkland

Bro. Kirkland was a native Texan and spent his life and ministry in Texas. After public schools, he graduated from the Jacksonville Baptist College of Jacksonville, Texas and the Missionary Baptist Seminary of Little Rock, Ark. His active ministry extended beyond 48 years. He was the second President of Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary, Henderson, Texas and served for 22 years. He excelled as preacher, pastor, evangelist. writer, debator, and leader. He founded "The Baptist Monitor" which he edited for 44 years. Among his pastorates were: Ebenezer, Roquemore, and Calvary of Henderson; First Baptist of Ennis; White Oak of Longview; Missionary of Corsicana; Walnut Street of Hillsboro; Missionary of Gallatin; and Ozias of Huntington (which his father organized and pastored). He was a member of the Baptist Sunday School Committee for 36 years and served as President of the American Baptist Association in 1953 and 1954.

Location:Henderson Texas