Memorial Records

Last Name First Names Year Source Memorial Page Other Page SAU #
BurlesonRufus C.1901BMA of TX11
RossG.W.1902BMA of TX31
SandersW.T.1902BMA of TX31
CompersMrs. E.A.1903BMA of TX29
DawsonW.R.1903BMA of TX29
HinesJ.F.1903BMA of TX29
JohnsonJ.E.1903BMA of TX29
PowellC.R.1903BMA of TX29
PowersJ.D1903BMA of TX29
RiddleJ.R.1903BMA of TX29
TyraMrs. H.P.1903BMA of TX29
WeeklyJ.K.1903BMA of TX29
HernandezAntonio1904BMA of TX47
IsbellP.B.1904BMA of TX47
KellyJ.R.1904BMA of TX47
OvertonWilliam1904BMA of TX47
PierceW.L.1904BMA of TX47
StoneV.M.1904BMA of TX47
TerryN.B.1904BMA of TX47
DavisJ.J.1905BMA of TX51
HallW.W.1905BMA of TX51
BrockSister Eddie1906BMA of TX43
ChristianJames T.1906BMA of TX43
DenningtonW.1906BMA of TX43
HardieE.B.1906BMA of TX43
HumphreysR.M.1906BMA of TX43
IvyE.P.1906BMA of TX43
JohnsonA.1906BMA of TX43
LeeJ.E. (deacon)1906BMA of TX43
MooreG.W.1906BMA of TX43
ScruggsL.R.1906BMA of TX43
SearcyE.B.1906BMA of TX43
WilsonW.S1906BMA of TX43
WrightL.C. (deacon)1906BMA of TX43
AlexanderSam1907BMA of TX7
AndersonSamuel Joseph1907BMA of TX7
ApplingDeacon A.A.1907BMA of TX7
AveryDeacon R.1907BMA of TX7
BellR.L.1907BMA of TX7
BryanJ.T.1907BMA of TX7
CopelandEdgar C.G.1907BMA of TX7
DuckworthMrs. Mattie1907BMA of TX7
EllisonDeacon William1907BMA of TX7
GammonsMrs. J.S.1907BMA of TX7
GilliamJ.M.1907BMA of TX7
HerserH.A.1907BMA of TX7
JamesDeacon Geo. H.1907BMA of TX7
JohnsonJ.W.,1907BMA of TX7
LanierMrs. M.A.1907BMA of TX7
McWilliamsG.H.1907BMA of TX7
MeadorDeacon O.N.1907BMA of TX7
MerchantMary L.1907BMA of TX7
MooreW.M.1907BMA of TX7
RyanMrs. Maggie1907BMA of TX7
SimpsonMrs. N.E.1907BMA of TX7
SmithJ.I.1907BMA of TX7
SmithMrs. J. I.1907BMA of TX7
VanderverSister Cora1907BMA of TX7
WhiteDeacon J.F.1907BMA of TX7
YatesJ.T.1907BMA of TX7
AsberryMrs. Wylie1908BMA of TX32
BaileyZ.M.1908BMA of TX32
BarrierOscar1908BMA of TX32
BectolCharles I.1908BMA of TX32
BensonKatharine1908BMA of TX32
BentonM.1908BMA of TX32
BlackwellR.E.1908BMA of TX32
BlevensAnnie1908BMA of TX32
BlevensT.J.1908BMA of TX32
BridgesMrs. J.W.1908BMA of TX32
BriggsDr. J.H.1908BMA of TX32
ChapmanA.B.1908BMA of TX32
CobbA.1908BMA of TX32
CombsT.C.1908BMA of TX32
CraneMrs. Ben1908BMA of TX32
DudleyMrs.1908BMA of TX32
FarmerJ.S.1908BMA of TX32
FlorenceDavid1908BMA of TX32
FordEagle1908BMA of TX32
FordJno.1908BMA of TX32
GibsonSister1908BMA of TX32
GilmerAnnie1908BMA of TX32
GlassJ.M.1908BMA of TX32
GoodwinI.1908BMA of TX32
GrishamW.J.1908BMA of TX32
HearneRosa1908BMA of TX32
HinkleEthel1908BMA of TX32
HortonJimmy1908BMA of TX32
HutchinsG.W.1908BMA of TX32
IrwinCarrie1908BMA of TX32
JacksonS.Y.1908BMA of TX32
LillyErnest1908BMA of TX32
LittlejohnMrs.1908BMA of TX32
LogginsMrs. J.C.1908BMA of TX32
MahanDr. W.D.1908BMA of TX32
MartinBirdie1908BMA of TX32
MasonA.1908BMA of TX32
MaypearlChildress1908BMA of TX32
MoultonLula1908BMA of TX32
ParkCecil1908BMA of TX32
ParkerMarther1908BMA of TX32
PayneW.W.1908BMA of TX32
PitmanClaude1908BMA of TX32
PriceFrank1908BMA of TX32
ReedKatherine1908BMA of TX32
RisingerMrs. J.L.1908BMA of TX32
RobertsA.A.1908BMA of TX32
RobertsonCora1908BMA of TX32
RobinsonGeo.1908BMA of TX32
RogersCora1908BMA of TX32
RogersSister1908BMA of TX32
SaundersEd.1908BMA of TX32
ScarboroJ.W.1908BMA of TX32
ShelleyCecil1908BMA of TX32
SimpsonJno. L.1908BMA of TX32
SimsHattie1908BMA of TX32
SkeltonMrs. M.1908BMA of TX32
SmallGeo. M.1908BMA of TX32
SmithBro.1908BMA of TX32
SmithEmma1908BMA of TX32
SmithS.E.1908BMA of TX32
SommersMrs. Betsy1908BMA of TX32
SpencerJ.C.1908BMA of TX32
StanleyAlbert1908BMA of TX32
TaylorLee1908BMA of TX32
TaylorMrs. Cora1908BMA of TX32
ThompsonJ.W.1908BMA of TX32
ThompsonMrs. Lydia1908BMA of TX32
TinsleyW.A.1908BMA of TX32
TrupsTheresa1908BMA of TX32
VinesMrs. Lee1908BMA of TX32
WaltonMary1908BMA of TX32
WardlowAmanda1908BMA of TX32
WatsonMiss Lula1908BMA of TX32
WebbJ.M.1908BMA of TX32
WhartonSallie1908BMA of TX32
WhitingtonMiss Alice1908BMA of TX32
WilliamsJessie1908BMA of TX32
WoodJ.E.1908BMA of TX32
ClementsA. S.1909BMA of TX70
CreelyJ. M.1909BMA of TX70
GlassJ. M.1909BMA of TX1
GlassJ. M.1909BMA of TX70
LoveR. H.1909BMA of TX70
LovelaceB. F.1909BMA of TX70
LoweryJohn1909BMA of TX70
PittsSanford1909BMA of TX70
SewellJ. F.1909BMA of TX70
TaylorJ. I.1909BMA of TX70
WebbJohn1909BMA of TX70
WilliamsJ. K. P.1909BMA of TX702
WrightWalter1909BMA of TX70
EllisonR.P.1910BMA of TX49
EvansDr. W.T.1910BMA of TX49
EvansJ. S.1910BMA of TX1
GreenBen1910BMA of TX49
LackeyS.S.1910BMA of TX49
SmithJ.M.1910BMA of TX49
Stone1910BMA of TX49
ThomasJno.1910BMA of TX49
WaltonG.W.1910BMA of TX49
WestW.W.1910BMA of TX49
AckerB.T.1911BMA of TX40
BarronJ.F.1911BMA of TX41
BeckhamF.M.1911BMA of TX41
BerryMrs. Ella E.1911BMA of TX41
BoydJames1911BMA of TX41
BrokoutJessie1911BMA of TX41
BrownTom1911BMA of TX41
BurlDora1911BMA of TX41
BurrisMrs. Bitty1911BMA of TX41
CaldwelJ.R.1911BMA of TX41
CauseySusie1911BMA of TX41
ColeMrs. C.E.1911BMA of TX41
CollinsF.L.1911BMA of TX41
CookMary1911BMA of TX41
CorleyJ.B.1911BMA of TX41
ElliottMary E.1911BMA of TX41
EvansW.T.1911BMA of TX41
FaulknerMrs. S.A.1911BMA of TX41
FosterLige1911BMA of TX41
FranklinJ.W.1911BMA of TX4126
FrazierW.D.1911BMA of TX41
HarrisMay1911BMA of TX41
HarrisMrs. Emma1911BMA of TX41
HenckelM.J.1911BMA of TX41
HuffhinesHarris1911BMA of TX41
KentRita1911BMA of TX41
LangstonWill1911BMA of TX41
LeeC.H.1911BMA of TX41
LockhartJ.C.R.1911BMA of TX41
LongW.J.1911BMA of TX41
McClungMrs. J.F.1911BMA of TX41
McClureMiss Eva1911BMA of TX41
McCoyMaggie1911BMA of TX41
McGregoryKate1911BMA of TX41
MetchH.M.1911BMA of TX41
MiltonHenry1911BMA of TX41
MooreHoward1911BMA of TX41
ScottJ.B.1911BMA of TX40
ShawMasala1911BMA of TX41
SlaughterJ.T.1911BMA of TX41
SmithB.W.1911BMA of TX41
SmithMark1911BMA of TX41
SmithUriah1911BMA of TX41
StephensonH.M.1911BMA of TX41
TarbuttonMary1911BMA of TX41
ThompsonMrs. C.C.1911BMA of TX41
TigsetJohn1911BMA of TX41
TilsonH.C.1911BMA of TX41
WalkerMinnie1911BMA of TX41
WhisenhautMrs. Addie1911BMA of TX41
WhittingtonBrooks1911BMA of TX41
WhortonH.1911BMA of TX41
WillsJ.F.1911BMA of TX41
YarberViola1911BMA of TX41
AdkinsL.R.1912BMA of TX46
AshcraftMrs. W.O.1912BMA of TX46
AshcraftW.O.1912BMA of TX46
BlankenshipE.D.1912BMA of TX45
BoltMiss Jessie1912BMA of TX46
BraggW.M.1912BMA of TX45
ClickSue E.1912BMA of TX46
ColtharpSam1912BMA of TX46
CrookHenrietta1912BMA of TX46
CullomSusie1912BMA of TX46
HatterS.E.1912BMA of TX46
HaydenJ.M.1912BMA of TX45
HornerJ.M.1912BMA of TX45
HugginsMatilda1912BMA of TX46
JarvisSister E.1912BMA of TX46
KingMrs. L.R.1912BMA of TX46
KnightMrs. H.H.1912BMA of TX45
LemarksByron1912BMA of TX46
LumpkinsMrs. W.B.1912BMA of TX46
LumpkinsW.B.1912BMA of TX46
MarraB.F.1912BMA of TX45
McCurtyC.C.1912BMA of TX46
McGintyMilly1912BMA of TX46
MullinsS.G.1912BMA of TX46
ParkerMiss Lavillia1912BMA of TX45
ParkerS.A.1912BMA of TX46
PriddyMrs. W.J.1912BMA of TX46
PriddyW.J.1912BMA of TX46
ReedElizabeth1912BMA of TX46
ReedJ.R.1912BMA of TX46
SallonG.W.1912BMA of TX45
SpenceJ.N.1912BMA of TX45
StillD.P.1912BMA of TX45
VaughanB.L.1912BMA of TX46
WadeSallie1912BMA of TX46
WaltersA.D.1912BMA of TX46
WebbJ.C.1912BMA of TX45
BeachBertha1913BMA of TX32
BeckhamRiley1913BMA of TX32
BurksJ.J.1913BMA of TX32
CaudleElizabeth1913BMA of TX32
CompereW.T.1913BMA of TX32
DanielJ.L.1913BMA of TX32
DavisT.A.1913BMA of TX32
DavisT.J.1913BMA of TX32
FosterJeanette1913BMA of TX32
FosterWm.1913BMA of TX32
FreemanW.T.1913BMA of TX32
GoldthwaiteB.F.1913BMA of TX32
GraysonLizzie1913BMA of TX32
HeadLucinda1913BMA of TX32
HopeN.W.1913BMA of TX32
JohnsonJ.W.1913BMA of TX32
JordanPerry1913BMA of TX32
LeggettJ.C.1913BMA of TX32
LivelyH.Y.1913BMA of TX32
LovingWillis1913BMA of TX32
LucasM.J.1913BMA of TX32
McClareW.B.1913BMA of TX32
McCombT.B.1913BMA of TX32
McCuistionJ.A.1913BMA of TX32
McCurdyC.C.1913BMA of TX32
McDonaldA.H.1913BMA of TX32
McDonaldFannie1913BMA of TX32
MentonJ.H.1913BMA of TX32
MillerW.M.1913BMA of TX32
MiltonW.R.1913BMA of TX32
MooreJ.A.1913BMA of TX32
NewburnMaggie1913BMA of TX32
OverhizerL.C.1913BMA of TX32
PaceMoses1913BMA of TX32
PageW.H.1913BMA of TX32
RogersFletcher1913BMA of TX32
SentellLou1913BMA of TX32
SmithE.K.1913BMA of TX32
SmithMattie Davis1913BMA of TX32
SnellLula1913BMA of TX32
SpenceJ.L.1913BMA of TX32
SummerlineE.C.1913BMA of TX32
TubbsDewey1913BMA of TX32
WagnerM.B.1913BMA of TX32
WilliamsElcock1913BMA of TX32
WrightJessie1913BMA of TX32
AndersonW.R.1914BMA of TX46
AtkinsonJ.W.1914BMA of TX46
BarnettR.S.Q.1914BMA of TX46
BeanSister Sarah1914BMA of TX46
BoazEllis1914BMA of TX46
BoilessW.C.1914BMA of TX46
BurdenSister Carrie1914BMA of TX46
BurnesEmmett1914BMA of TX46
CarikerT.J.1914BMA of TX46
CavesSister Belle1914BMA of TX46
ClemensSister M.L.1914BMA of TX46
CraneSister J.W.1914BMA of TX46
CrookSister L.B.1914BMA of TX46
CulpepperC.E.1914BMA of TX46
DeasonJane1914BMA of TX46
ElliottJ.S.1914BMA of TX46
FeazzellFannie1914BMA of TX46
FosterSister Pearl1914BMA of TX46
GeeSister Verta1914BMA of TX46
GrahamSister Bertha1914BMA of TX46
GrigsbyClifford1914BMA of TX42
HablitchR.A.1914BMA of TX46
HallJoseph1914BMA of TX46
HallJoseph1914BMA of TX46
HandleySister J.P.1914BMA of TX46
HarrisB.F.1914BMA of TX42
HarrisL.P.1914BMA of TX46
HarrisSister Rosa1914BMA of TX46
HarrisonSister Emma1914BMA of TX
HayesSister Mary1914BMA of TX46
HicksJame H.1914BMA of TX46
HobsonSister Rebecca1914BMA of TX46
HodgsonSister W.1914BMA of TX46
JenningsJ.P.1914BMA of TX46
JohnsonW.B.1914BMA of TX42
JonesMrs. J.A.1914BMA of TX42
JonesS.1914BMA of TX42
JurdinPerry1914BMA of TX46
KimbroughSister Grace1914BMA of TX46
KingSister Jack1914BMA of TX46
KnightenM.A.1914BMA of TX46
LockhartSister F.B.1914BMA of TX46
MaySister Ondona1914BMA of TX46
McAnallyA.A.1914BMA of TX46
McCawanTol1914BMA of TX46
McGuistionSister R.L.1914BMA of TX46
MeeceT.F.1914BMA of TX46
MooreGeorge1914BMA of TX46
MooreSister Hattie1914BMA of TX46
MyersW.O.1914BMA of TX46
NorrisWalter1914BMA of TX46
ParksMilton1914BMA of TX46
ReedAlbert1914BMA of TX46
RiversMrs. Allie1914BMA of TX42
ShawA.1914BMA of TX46
StovallW.J.1914BMA of TX46
SummersSister Vera1914BMA of TX46
SwainR.W.1914BMA of TX46
TaylorPinkney1914BMA of TX46
TriggDr. A.L.1914BMA of TX46
VinesF.M.1914BMA of TX42
WilliamsG.J.1914BMA of TX42
WilliamsJ.C.1914BMA of TX42
YatesJ.F.1914BMA of TX46
BakerDeacon L.B.1915BMA of TX43
BakerEster1915BMA of TX43
BakerMary1915BMA of TX43
BeanS.H.1915BMA of TX43
BilbroP.H.1915BMA of TX43
BoundsMrs. Susie1915BMA of TX43
ButlerR.F.1915BMA of TX43
ClarkMrs. M.C.1915BMA of TX43
CrawfordT.B.1915BMA of TX43
CrowS.J.1915BMA of TX43
HeathLawrence1915BMA of TX43
HolleyMrs. J.D.1915BMA of TX43
HopkinsMrs. Rachial1915BMA of TX43
HornW.M.1915BMA of TX43
HowardHarvey1915BMA of TX43
LooknightCliff1915BMA of TX43
LovettJ.F.1915BMA of TX43
LynonMrs. Mary1915BMA of TX43
McFarlandMelvin1915BMA of TX43
MooreMrs. John1915BMA of TX43
MooreSam1915BMA of TX43
OliverWillie1915BMA of TX43
ParearBlue1915BMA of TX43
ParkerJ.N.1915BMA of TX43
PillenJohn1915BMA of TX43
PlatteSister B.1915BMA of TX43
ReedCarson1915BMA of TX43
ScogginsMrs. M.M.1915BMA of TX43
SpenceMrs. Pearl1915BMA of TX43
StanleyJ.B.1915BMA of TX43
SummersMrs. Vera1915BMA of TX43
TaylorPinkney1915BMA of TX43
TolersonSister C.C.1915BMA of TX43
VaughnU.T.1915BMA of TX43
WalkerKin1915BMA of TX43
WilkinsDeacon J.H.1915BMA of TX43
YoungbloodE.J.1915BMA of TX43
AbbottDeacon J.W.1916BMA of TX24
AdamsIke1916BMA of TX24
ArthurJoe1916BMA of TX24
ArthurSister R.C.1916BMA of TX24
AshcraftR.C.A.1916BMA of TX24
AyersSister Robert1916BMA of TX24
BirdwellG.P.1916BMA of TX24
BrownDeacon R.B.1916BMA of TX24
CagleH.M.1916BMA of TX24
CherryDeacon H.L.1916BMA of TX24
ClanahanJ.T.1916BMA of TX24
CowanDeacon John1916BMA of TX24
CrookSister A.F.1916BMA of TX24
CurryCora Bell1916BMA of TX24
DeadsSister Earnest1916BMA of TX24
EdwardsMary Jane1916BMA of TX24
ElmoreSallace1916BMA of TX24
ElmoreSister J.F.1916BMA of TX24
FergusonJ.T.1916BMA of TX24
FolnearTom1916BMA of TX24
FoxSister Mary1916BMA of TX24
GobleSister J.V.1916BMA of TX24
GryceCecil1916BMA of TX24
HamiltonSister c.C.1916BMA of TX24
HamiltonSister E.A.1916BMA of TX24
HessberyPete1916BMA of TX24
HicksMelissa1916BMA of TX24
HillA.M.1916BMA of TX24
HollingsworthSister Amanda1916BMA of TX24
KeySister A.A.1916BMA of TX24
LangstonW.C.1916BMA of TX24
LindseyS.W.1916BMA of TX24
MerceSister A.A.1916BMA of TX24
NorwoodSister D.T.1916BMA of TX24
OatsCharlie1916BMA of TX24
ParkerDr.W.H.1916BMA of TX24
PorterAbner1916BMA of TX24
PriceSister Victory1916BMA of TX24
PruettDeacon J.C.1916BMA of TX24
RedfordZeb1916BMA of TX24
RiceVirginia1916BMA of TX24
RuckerSister Hazel1916BMA of TX24
SandersSister Mertie1916BMA of TX24
ScownerJ.D.1916BMA of TX24
ShaidSister Lena1916BMA of TX24
SheltonJ.D.1916BMA of TX24
SimpsonDeacon W.A.1916BMA of TX24
SmithSister Minnie1916BMA of TX24
SmitheSister Effie1916BMA of TX24
StephensonSister A.N.1916BMA of TX24
StoneArthur1916BMA of TX24
SummersSister S.W.1916BMA of TX24
ToddGeorge T.1916BMA of TX24
TubreSister Mary1916BMA of TX24
VenableSister Myrtle1916BMA of TX
WeatherfordT.J.1916BMA of TX24
WilliamsM.N.1916BMA of TX24
WilliamsTom1916BMA of TX24
WilsopB.F.1916BMA of TX24
WrightM.W.1916BMA of TX24
ScalesW.W.1917BMA of TX2
HaydenS. A.1918BMA of TX81
MclendonJ. F.1918BMA of TX82
SlaughterS. H.1918BMA of TX80
BomarT. S.1920BMA of TX42
CollinsJ.W.1920BMA of TX42
GaddyE. D.1920BMA of TX204211
LewisA.1920BMA of TX42
MeltonM.M.1920BMA of TX42
PuthuffE.A.1920BMA of TX4213
StanselT.J.1920BMA of TX42
BusterMrs. O. C.1921BMA of TX2
BusterO. C.1921BMA of TX2
LogginsJames Campbell1921BMA of TX1
BlakeneyJ.C.1922BMA of TX35
BurroughsDr. S.R.1922BMA of TX35
FarrerA.T.1922BMA of TX35
ForlinesL.S.1922BMA of TX35
GraysonW.S.1922BMA of TX35
HawthorneMrs. J.K.1922BMA of TX35
HuffhinesMrs. C.C.1922BMA of TX35
KingLee1922BMA of TX35
LedbetterLonnie1922BMA of TX35
LewisS.K.1922BMA of TX35
McClureSister C.E.1922BMA of TX35
MillerJ.H.1922BMA of TX35
PriceS.H.1922BMA of TX35
RichardsMrs. J.M.1922BMA of TX35
SalterT.J.1922BMA of TX35
SmithMrs. Lucy1922BMA of TX35
BarronDeacon J.S.1923BMA of TX35
BartonFloyd1923BMA of TX35
BryanJ.W.1923BMA of TX35
ConleyJ.J.1923BMA of TX35
ConwaySister H.A.1923BMA of TX35
CusenbaryDeacon W.P.1923BMA of TX35
GibsonSis. Mary1923BMA of TX35
HobbsSister J.C.1923BMA of TX35
HudmanDeacon P.W.1923BMA of TX35
JarrellU.W.1923BMA of TX3522
KnightL.S.1923BMA of TX35
LawhornW.L.1923BMA of TX35
LuttrellDr. J.M.1923BMA of TX35
McCollumSis. J.R.1923BMA of TX35
McDonaldJ.J.1923BMA of TX35
McDuffDeacon C.C.1923BMA of TX35
McElvanyG.A.1923BMA of TX35
MortonJ.W.1923BMA of TX35
PhillipsJ.M.1923BMA of TX35
StutardsG.B.1923BMA of TX35
WeatherbyG.J.1923BMA of TX35
WelchR.N.1923BMA of TX35
WrightR.C.1923BMA of TX35
AutreySis. L.1924BMA of TX27
BardenJ.G.1924BMA of TX27
BowenMrs. J.Y.1924BMA of TX27
CantrelE.C.1924BMA of TX27
CollinsMrs. J.R.1924BMA of TX27
ConnallyJ.J.1924BMA of TX27
CorbinMrs. Sarah L.1924BMA of TX27
CoxMrs. Elizabeth1924BMA of TX27
EarlsMrs. J.W.1924BMA of TX27
FaulknerP.M.1924BMA of TX27
FoqueronSis. A.B.1924BMA of TX27
GuyJ.W.1924BMA of TX27
HawsMrs. Lanewood L.1924BMA of TX27
HensleyMrs. F.M.1924BMA of TX27
KincaidMrs. D.C.1924BMA of TX27
LichisJ.R.1924BMA of TX27
LoweJulius1924BMA of TX27
MetcalfHenry1924BMA of TX27
OsbornMrs. Sarah1924BMA of TX27
PikeW.A.1924BMA of TX27
PitmanT.B1924BMA of TX27
PittsFrancis Elizabeth1924BMA of TX27
PoseyMrs. J.T.1924BMA of TX27
RichardsonJ.W.1924BMA of TX27
RowellJ.R. Sr.1924BMA of TX27
ScarbroughMrs. J. W.1924BMA of TX27
schneererM.L.1924BMA of TX27
VanceJ.T.1924BMA of TX27
VestelHenry1924BMA of TX27
WatsonMrs. M.E.1924BMA of TX27
WilliamsMrs. G.K.1924BMA of TX27
AbernathyA.J.1925BMA of TX21
CousonS.V.1925BMA of TX21
HowellL.C.1925BMA of TX21
KempJ.D.1925BMA of TX21
PenderMrs. H.B.1925BMA of TX21
ReedJohn1925BMA of TX21
TomlinsonP.L.1925BMA of TX21
WattsJ.A.1925BMA of TX21
NewburnJ. M.1926BMA of TX124
AlexanderJ.R.1927BMA of TX31
JarrellW.A.1927BMA of TX31
LewisJ.S1927BMA of TX31
NewburnJ.M.1927BMA of TX3124
ParkerO.P.1927BMA of TX31
RoyG.A.1927BMA of TX31
SpiveyW.J. M.D.1927BMA of TX31
AndersonOliver1928BMA of TX40
BreedingW.H.1928BMA of TX40
HansordGeo. W.1928BMA of TX40
McClungJ.F.1928BMA of TX40
ThedfordT.1928BMA of TX40
WhiteD.W.1928BMA of TX40
AutryLewis1929BMA of TX30
BrooksAlvin1929BMA of TX30
CopusJ. B.1929BMA of TX30
DavisGreen1929BMA of TX30
HuffhinesJohn1929BMA of TX30
LaneySallie1929BMA of TX30
LedbetterC. E.1929BMA of TX30
LogginsJ. M.1929BMA of TX30
MurrayW. A. T.1929BMA of TX30
TeagueRussell1929BMA of TX30
VinesW. A.1929BMA of TX30
AcreyS.A.1930BMA of TX28
PenderHerman B.1930BMA of TX27-2828
ReidJ. R.1930BMA of TX28
WashmanC. J.1930BMA of TX28
BurlesonR.D.1939BMA of TX24
HarperJ. W.1965MBA of TX2-346
RodgersR. E.1968MBA of TX4-5
JenkinsLarkin1972MBA of TX4
KirklandAllen John1972MBA of TX3445T
SimmonsW. A.1972MBA of TX4
FinleyA. J.1974MBA of TX23
GriffithW. G.1974MBA of TX3
LynchSteve1974MBA of TX3
RimleyWill1974MBA of TX3
SharpHomer1974MBA of TX3
SharpJ. H.1974MBA of TX3
SmithVernon1974MBA of TX3
FlaniganArthur1975MBA of TX2
LeeW. E.1975MBA of TX275
PowersA. T.1975MBA of TX268
ScruggsR. R.1975MBA of TX2
HolmesWalter1976MBA of TX2
ScogginsGeorge1976MBA of TX2
JacobsWill1977MBA of TX2
NixDan1977MBA of TX2
StonecipherL.1977MBA of TX2
StricklandE. G.1977MBA of TX2
LockerdJames F.1978MBA of TX2
MooreRobert W.1978MBA of TX2
WilsonOlen W.1978MBA of TX2
BeckClyde1979MBA of TX2
CottongameRandall1979MBA of TX2
DeanJ. M.1979MBA of TX2
MillerD. D.1979MBA of TX2
SmithGlenn1979MBA of TX2
SmithRonald1979MBA of TX2
SneadW. H.1979MBA of TX2
WilsonH. B.1979MBA of TX2
BecklerMaynard1980MBA of TX4
GrahamRobbie1980MBA of TX4
JackDean1980MBA of TX3-4
MeadorO. P.1980MBA of TX4
MullenixFred1980MBA of TX4
NicholsonRoy1980MBA of TX4
StevensR. T.1980MBA of TX4
WalkerDavison1980MBA of TX4
ClarkNorman1981MBA of TX4
JohnstonH. L.1981MBA of TX4
JonesHarvey D.1981MBA of TX3
MaybenClarence1981MBA of TX4
PateAlvin1981MBA of TX4
RhodesH. E. (Edd)1981MBA of TX4
SmithCecil1981MBA of TX4
YatesDavid1981MBA of TX4
CreswellBob1982MBA of TX2
GunnRichard1982MBA of TX2
HollinsworthJ. W.1982MBA of TX2
StewartLloyd1982MBA of TX2
BarrVernon L.1983MBA of TX3-4267 T
DemmingJ. M.1983MBA of TX2
LaneMelton1983MBA of TX2
LeeJack1983MBA of TX2
MooreO. A.1983MBA of TX2
RobertsL. E.1983MBA of TX2
StingerElmer1983MBA of TX2
ThompkinsJames1983MBA of TX2
YatesGene1983MBA of TX2
HibbittBruce T.1984MBA of TX42
MorrisCurtis1984MBA of TX2
StarkDouglas A.1984MBA of TX2
WaltersG. D.1984MBA of TX3T
CrosbyDale1985MBA of TX2
WatsonJohnny1985MBA of TX2
BondA. I.1986MBA of TX2
McNishH. L.1986MBA of TX2
PittmanLeroy1986MBA of TX2
ReaganJ. B.1986MBA of TX2
VaughanT. R.1986MBA of TX2
WalterR. E.1986MBA of TX2
EugeneMcCauley1987MBA of TX2
EugeneMcClung1987MBA of TX2
GaryGlenn1987MBA of TX2
HassPreston1987MBA of TX2
KillenHenry1987MBA of TX2
OdomL. J.1987MBA of TX2
SearsW. O.1987MBA of TX2
WatkinT. R.1987MBA of TX2
WoodwardWillard1987MBA of TX2
AllenJim1988MBA of TX3
CalkEarl1988MBA of TX3
DyerJohn1988MBA of TX3
ElliottGrady1988MBA of TX3
HerronBill1988MBA of TX3
HortonHull1988MBA of TX3
IngramJ. L.1988MBA of TX3
PattersonA. L.1988MBA of TX4347
WilbanksCharlie1988MBA of TX3
BarkleyBilly1989MBA of TX3
HarrisElmer1989MBA of TX3
RhyneC. O.1989MBA of TX3
ThomasA. Ross1989MBA of TX3
WilliamsJ. T.1989MBA of TX3
BradburyW.H.1990MBA of TX3
BurrowH.T.1990MBA of TX3
ColbyFrank1990MBA of TX3
DillionN.K.1990MBA of TX3
FreemanD.D.1990MBA of TX3
IngramTom1990MBA of TX3
LawsonFloyd1990MBA of TX3
LylesV. S.1990MBA of TX4
RichardsonJack1990MBA of TX3
AlbrittonJames E.1991MBA of TX34
FinleyMelvin1991MBA of TX4
LaneJoe R.1991MBA of TX4
LeeT. P.1991MBA of TX4
McAllC. L.1991MBA of TX4
MooreRoy Lee1991MBA of TX4
PateLeon1991MBA of TX4
SuberBoyd1991MBA of TX4
ThompsonRichard1991MBA of TX4
BaileyWalter1992MBA of TX4
BankW.H.1992MBA of TX4
DeemR.E.1992MBA of TX4
McIntoshStacy1992MBA of TX4
MooreRoy Lee1992MBA of TX4
OwensPaul T.1992MBA of TX34
PowersJ.B.1992MBA of TX494
WallA.J.1992MBA of TX4
FrancesCalvin C.1993MBA of TX34
McDanielsJerry Lynn1993MBA of TX4
NicholsBilly J.1993MBA of TX4
BaughB.T.1994MBA of TX4
CogdillOval1994MBA of TX4
DawkinsCharlie1994MBA of TX4
GloverV.O.1994MBA of TX4
GruntClint1994MBA of TX4
GunnEugene1994MBA of TX4
MassieLeo1994MBA of TX4
SmothermanT.L.1994MBA of TX4
SteaddemJoe1994MBA of TX4
AskewJ.C.1995MBA of TX4
BlalockAlvin1995MBA of TX4
OdemVannie B.1995MBA of TX4
RossD.L.1995MBA of TX4
SimmonsJack1995MBA of TX4
SowellG.C.1995MBA of TX4
WhiteGeorge1995MBA of TX4
WorthamJ.W.1995MBA of TX4
MaloneEarnest1996MBA of TX49
McBrydeHavis1996MBA of TX44981
ShafferGordon P.1996MBA of TX549
StricklandJack1996MBA of TX49
AllenGarland P.1997MBA of TX556
GriffithJ.W.1997MBA of TX45692T
PaceJohn Jr.1997MBA of TX756
RhodesBob1997MBA of TX656
WrightD.B.1997MBA of TX856
AlexanderDavid1998MBA of TX50
GriffithDan1998MBA of TX50
JamesF.E.1998MBA of TX50
KennerDale1998MBA of TX50
WommackJames1998MBA of TX50
BelcherO. L.1999MBA of TX956
BrownRussell1999MBA of TX856
HittW.H. "Bill"1999MBA of TX45691
HummelWalter1999MBA of TX756
ReynoldsEarl R.1999MBA of TX556
RomeroLarry1999MBA of TX656
BagleyHerman2000MBA of TX2152
BellWilliam2000MBA of TX1752
CrawfordGeorge2000MBA of TX590T
CrumleyGerald F. "Jerry"2000MBA of TX65265
EddinsJames2000MBA of TX952
EllisonJ.D.2000MBA of TX852
JacksonBurt2000MBA of TX752
MatlockJames (Harry)2000MBA of TX1952
MawaJohn2000MBA of TX1552
McBrideW.M.2000MBA of TX1252
McClellanJohn2000MBA of TX1852
McNeillM.G.2000MBA of TX1152
RansierArthur2000MBA of TX1452
SmithArthur2000MBA of TX1052
ThetfordM.A.2000MBA of TX1352
WalkerGarnett2000MBA of TX2052
WilliamsRoscie2000MBA of TX1652
AlexanderJ.R.2001MBA of TX541
BrownW.H. "Herbert"2001MBA of TX641
LamanceH.A.2001MBA of TX741
MoonJames2001MBA of TX841
WilsonM.J2001MBA of TX941
BransonWayne T.2002MBA of TX745
DowdenMelvin N.2002MBA of TX45
HobsonC.M. "Chass"2002MBA of TX645
McBrydeMatthew2002MBA of TX945
MitchellJ.L. "Brad"2002MBA of TX54577
SelfTroy2002MBA of TX1045
TanksleyWillard L. "Buster"2002MBA of TX845
AdamsJim2003MBA of TX646
BoydJohnnie R.2003MBA of TX846
CookDavid2003MBA of TX1246
CrawfordLuther2003MBA of TX546
KennedyOscar L.2003MBA of TX946
NobleFrederick Robert2003MBA of TX1146
StuartCharles M.2003MBA of TX1046
WoodsBilly J.2003MBA of TX746
DuBoseRichard2004MBA of TX652
FranklinRobert2004MBA of TX852
GreenElmo2004MBA of TX1052
GriffithO.H.2004MBA of TX55266T
HillOran2004MBA of TX52
PattersonPaul2004MBA of TX952
ReynoldsRex L.2004MBA of TX752
CaseTravis2005MBA of TX846
DuncanLamar2005MBA of TX946
SultonJames2005MBA of TX646
WashburnLarry2005MBA of TX546
WilliamsPervis2005MBA of TX746
GartenJames2006MBA of TX547
SimmonsW. Ralph2006MBA of TX647
ChastainHoyt2007MBA of TX5772
JeffersonEugene2007MBA of TX57
BattlesClayton2008MBA of TX862
BiddyWilmer2008MBA of TX1062
ClarkClyde2008MBA of TX9
GuinnL. Chester2008MBA of TX76295
KellamA.B.2008MBA of TX662
LeeRalph2008MBA of TX62
LeeWilbourne2008MBA of TX62
ShackelfordDale2008MBA of TX62
SidesW.F. "Bill'2008MBA of TX562
CollumLee2009MBA of TX57
CrockerElvin2009MBA of TX557
CroswellJames2009MBA of TX757
Evans JJoe2009MBA of TX657
GaddisLarry2009MBA of TX1157
GriffithKenneth2009MBA of TX1057
HuntHarmon2009MBA of TX957
MagnessPaul D.2009MBA of TX857
MottJohn2009MBA of TX957
MunsingerA.D.2009MBA of TX1257
PowellTravis2009MBA of TX57
BellJames N. Jr.2010MBA of TX666
DavisHarold2010MBA of TX566
DimittDaryll2010MBA of TX1366
GardnerGene2010MBA of TX766
GeorgeHerbert2010MBA of TX1466
HarrisStafford2010MBA of TX1566
HiserDon2010MBA of TX1266
HixsonCarl2010MBA of TX966
KirklandJames2010MBA of TX166682
MeltonLuster2010MBA of TX1766
PattonC.E.2010MBA of TX1066
RiversDonald2010MBA of TX1866
ScallyLester2010MBA of TX1166
StreeterDarrell2010MBA of TX866
SummersFrank2010MBA of TX66
WebbDick2010MBA of TX1966
AsbillArvis2011MBA of TX953
BrooksJoe Reagan2011MBA of TX1053
FrenchCharles2011MBA of TX553
HallCurtis2011MBA of TX853
PheifferCharles2011MBA of TX753
RileyGordon2011MBA of TX1153
TayorJames R. "Jim"2011MBA of TX653
BeeneTom2012MBA of TX1058
BrownTom2012MBA of TX658
CecilRobert Earl2012MBA of TX558
GarzaJ.D.2012MBA of TX958
LacquementRobert "Bob"2012MBA of TX1458
MilfordLenard2012MBA of TX758
MoyersErnest II2012MBA of TX1258
RomeroLarry2012MBA of TX59
ShultzMarc2012MBA of TX1158
SparksJulian Gilbert2012MBA of TX1358
WatsonEarl Sr.2012MBA of TX858
BrooksJoe R.2013MBA of TX76
BurlesonTom2013MBA of TX6
ClarkCharles "Boo"2013MBA of TX86
ClarkPat2013MBA of TX6
DavisReese Giles Jr.2013MBA of TX6
EldridgeSammy2013MBA of TX96
PhillipsMoody2013MBA of TX6
WaltersLonnie V2013MBA of TX6
BurlesonThomas Edward2014MBA of TX8
DavisEdward (Ed)2014MBA of TX126
DavisReece Giles2014MBA of TX10
FreemanMarlin2014MBA of TX116
HunnicuttRalph2014MBA of TX86
MidkiffJames2014MBA of TX136
PhillipsMoody2014MBA of TX7
SimsVersie2014MBA of TX156
WaltersLonnie2014MBA of TX9
WeaverJames2014MBA of TX146
BlackmonMarion2015MBA of TX65
PermenterCalvin 2015MBA of TX55
GriffithWilliam2016MBA of TX6
HendersonA. J.2016MBA of TX76
LangstonAmon2016MBA of TX86
McBrydeLynn Wilson2016MBA of TX76
MolesJohn2016MBA of TX66
TerryL. C.2016MBA of TX6
BradlyHugh2017MBA of TX6
CabrialesBernabe2017MBA of TX6
GardnerMarvin A.2017MBA of TX96
KelleyDavid2017MBA of TX106
LoganRed2017MBA of TX6
McNebbJ. T.2017MBA of TX76
ShultzDon 2017MBA of TX86
WillinghamAlton2017MBA of TX106
HancockCalvin2018MBA of TX75
HawthorneRoy Sr.2018MBA of TX85
HornTommy L.2018MBA of TX65
AshlockKenneth Wayne2019MBA of TX75117
BattlesFrank2019MBA of TX165
CarlisleRyan Johns2019MBA of TX125
DuBosePort A. “Boots”2019MBA of TX95
DuffittSteven Philip2019MBA of TX65
GoodmanGeorge W.2019MBA of TX145
LynchWilliam “Bill”2019MBA of TX155
MyrickWilliam Kenneth “Bill” 2019MBA of TX135
O’NealRicky2019MBA of TX115
RedusRobert Conrad Jr.2019MBA of TX105
SimpsonWilliam Richard2019MBA of TX85
AndersonBilly L. 2020MBA of TX13
BassGary Lynn2020MBA of TX13
BurtRoyal Clinton2020MBA of TX5
DanielsBilly2020MBA of TX12
HolifieldJulious Melvin2020MBA of TX6
HooverGene2020MBA of TX7
JonesJohn Paul2020MBA of TX8
PhillipsSteve2020MBA of TX9
SwillingCharles2020MBA of TX10
WilliamsRay Everette2020MBA of TX11
CrawfordRichard Wayne2021MBA of TX
DawsonEugene Floyd2021MBA of TX
MaloneDaniel Luby Sr2021MBA of TX
PenneyDavid Randolph “Randy”2021MBA of TX
ReedFranklin Dale2021MBA of TX